Zectron, unfold a new color, sunray green, tailored edition, limited to 100 orders globally, be the shade of the sunray green in the dark.

Where Did Zectron Come From

Wham-O, which Zectron belongs to, is a 75-year-old American Toy company that is well-known in the United States and beyond. We just launched the Zectron e-bike on Wham-O’s official website, sharing the core spirit that Zectron has carried out from its predecessor Zectron - the Super Ball brand to the nowadays Zectron - the electric bicycle brand. We have evolved in the past 60 years, but the very core of the Zectron brand stays the same - the cutting-edge technology of the energy, and our pursuit of product quality and customer satisfaction. Now, with your support, we are ready to change the way people go about their daily lives and adventures.

Our Mission

To create a bike with a high-tech perfect appearance, ultimate performance and the most comfortable riding experience for all people, whether commuting, leisure or sports.

Our Vision

Create a bike that combines technology and aesthetics. Iteration of new versions. Changing the way people commute and travel. Inspiring people to go faster, go further, meet new people and create amazing adventures.

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