You can place your order through our online store or send us an email at hi@zectronebikes.com and we'll be happy to help you place an order.

Please don't hesitate to contact our support team at hi@zectronebikes.com!

Please don't hesitate to contact our support team at hi@zectronebikes.com!

You will receive an update email for every item we send out, so keep an eye on your email inbox, it may even go to spam.
You can also log in to your account on the official website to check logistics information.
If you don't have an account with Zectron when you place your order, you can contact hi@zectronebikes.com and we can give you an invitation to open an account.
If you have already registered your Zectron account when you bought it, you can directly log in to check it.


We accept credit cards, PayPal. You can check it on checkout page.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at hi@zectronebikes.com.

Please contact hi@zectronebikes.com. We'll do our best to help you.


Yes. Currently, the accessories you purchase will be shipped with the bike.

Yes, we will automatically install any accessories you purchase with your bike. If you do not want your accessories installed, please let us know by sending us an email at hi@zectronebikes.com. Please note that when shipping a bike some accessories cannot be installed.

Zectron bike will be delivered with instructions in a securely packed box and requires minimal assembly which is easy. However, if you don't have much experience with bikes, we strongly recommend that you visit your local bike shop to get all parts tightened and thoroughly checked for the best experience.

Yes, the shipping fee will be superimposed on the checkout page.

We ship to many countries worldwide. Please check it on checkout page.

The customers are responsible for those costs. Please check your country's VAT/GST before purchasing, it varies internationally. VAT/GST is to be paid before we can deliver your Zectron bikes. We will send payment links, invoice overview and ask for a final delivery address confirmation before we ship your Zectron bikes.

No, shipping fees vary depending on your country of delivery. This will be shown and calculated at during the checkout.


All Zectron bikes come with one-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Should you encounter some production related manufacturer’s defect during this period, we will take care of it according to our warranty. As many elements of a bike may get damaged due to normal cycling use/natural ware, we do not offer warranty on parts such as tires, brakes, chain, brake pads, etc. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at hi@zectronebikes.com.


EU version: Produced for the countries that require bicycle speed and motor wattage and not allowed to use the throttle. The bike speed can’t unlock and without throttle. Only has Pedal and electric assist mode. EU version power by 250W motor, maximum speed is 15mph(25 kph).
US version: Same as the EU version with pedal and electric assist modes, with throttle. US version power by 350W motor, maximum speed is 20 mph (32 kph).

Zectron bike fits most adults from 5'1"/155cm to 6'5"/195cm and can carry up to 120kg/265lbs.

Zectron bike is waterproof, the waterproof level is IPX4, such as built-in monitor, motor, PCBA and so on. However, for safety consideration we recommend you not to ride the bike in raining and snowing days.

The battery, controller and motor are optimized algorithmcally working in synergy to allow riders to enjoy a long range. There is an internal battery inside Zectron, but riders can get an extra external battery pack for a longer range. The 150 mile is only for the pedal assist mode with external battery. The pure electric mode/ throttle is 70 miles with external battery. The Standard version without the external battery the range is 70 miles for pedal assist and 35 miles for pure electric mode.


Test rides will be available in Los Angeles and other cities in USA.
We recommend keeping an eye on our social media channels and newsletters for the latest updates about our products and services.

We are in the process of setting up distributorships in major cities worldwide, please follow us to stay tuned, we will keep you posted.

Now we only have after sales service center at United States and Spain. Also, we are planning to establish distribution worldwide.

We can accept return if the product is not used. If Any parts problem we will support to resolve for repair and replacement. Any other repair shop can repair Zectron bikes.

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